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Do you have to let him out of the house? Why wait a month to get him fixed? Glad he's doing better, that's great! Emotion: smile
Well, I do have the money to get him fixed now but my vet has this rule: He won't fix injured/sick animals. So I really have to wait until his limp heals. I hope it doesn't take the rest of the month to heal and the second he is walking normally again, he's going to the vet. I've been wanting to get him fixed for a while but we've been a bit..preoccupied with the looming arrival of our son. lol. I'm due in early July. But yeah, I've been telling the husband that we need to go ahead and get it done. He's the oldest and pretty much the only cat that actually goes out gets into fights. My other two are simply too lazy to do it. They stay around the house for the most part.
Oh I see. Concats, I mean congrats on the impending birth of your son! Yes, he should be fixed as soon as possible, I think if he's walking okay in a week or two, you should call the vet again and ask to have it done. Get it done and out of the way before you have your son.
I'm glad to hear the news about your son and your cat! Emotion: smile Wishing him a soon recovery.
I like the vet's neutering rule by the way!
Just thought all of you would like to know, Kal is now barely limping. Sometimes, like if he tries to run really fast, he goes back to limping. But he is putting weight of it so that's good. The only time he really limps is when it's dinner time or when he's begging. I think he's trying to get my sympathy. I'll have to talk to the hubby about it but more than likely he will be getting fixed sometime at the beginning of the month.
Glad to know he feels better now! Thanks for the update. Emotion: smile This made me wonder if cats can really simulate to make us pet them lol.
Great news! I'm hoping his limp will go away fully soon.
Good to hear he's doing better!
yeah hope he feels livelier!p.s.if you have any good names look me up!
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