Nothing too special about this video, just a playing kitten. But it was too cute not to share. Emotion: love

Arw - look at that little guy and his little cute face.. (I feel like bringing this little fur-ball home.)Emotion: love
I guess this video will make everyone --> Emotion: love

That's the power of kittens! Emotion: big smile
may i please take him home? ^_^
I wish that kittens could always stay kittens ... wide-eyed, innocent and playful. Too cute! Emotion: love
how true justabrat! but they grow up and start peeing in the house and scratching it... hihi ^_^ it seems that even well-behaved cats do those naughty things from time to time!
You reminded me of this quote:

"The trouble with a kitten is that it eventually becomes a cat." ~Ogden Nash

Emotion: giggle
Too true, sometimes. I absolutely adore my cats, but they're even more special as kitten. Emotion: love
Well I guess that's their plot. At first they charm and mesmerize us as kittens, we have no choice but to become Emotion: love. Then, when they get into the house, they must be thinking "Cool, it's time to grow up and rule this place!" lol