hey folk, let's see whose pet (cat, dog or other pet!) has the longest name? just post your pet's name and the number of letters it contains.. if you have several pets, feel free to either post the longest one or all of them ^^ i'll start!

Loko - just 4 letters... i guess anyone can beat me, eh ^^
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Nice one, Loko!
Here's my turn:
Barsik - 6 letters - hehe, sorry for beating Emotion: wink
My bird's name is Bachchu -7letters-hehe, sorry for beating
With two "ch"? Hey it's not fair! Emotion: stick out tongue lol
Emotion: big smile Absolutely fair (because it's stressed on that "chch" part)Emotion: nodding
The real (breeder) name of my cat Gizmo is Quidditch and Chewy's proper name is Chewbacca - both 9 so I beat you all so far Emotion: stick out tongue
Leonardo - 8 there, sorry.. I beat you Emotion: wink
My dog's full name is BAMBOOZLER.
10 letters, I beat you all!! =]
unfortunatly we dont have her anymore but my husbands boa was called fluffehkins-11 Emotion: smile
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