Hi,this is my first time posting, but the posts I have read have been very informative and I am hopeful someone can point me in the right direction.We have a 9 year old GSD male,neutered,who is our baby. His name is Jagr. We've had him since he was a puppy, and along with that, all his many medical problems. As taxing as they have been financially, I wouldn't trade him for anything, because what he gives back is one thousand times more valuable.(usually!) However, most recently, his situation has deteriorated. I could go on and on (and on) about everything we've done, but mostly, I am trying to find detailed information about the condition "Progressive posterior paresis" which I have seen listed as a common GSD health issue.

I cannot seem to find any info that goes into detail about causes, symptons, treatments, etc. I even searched on the Tufts Vet School for info but no luck (and its possible I didn't search in the right place.) If anyone could point me in the direction of a good website or resource for canine medical issues, or a GSD website, I would be thankful. Thanks so much!
You might try posting your question on the alt.med.veterinary newsgroup. Maybe someone there could point you in the right direction.
I wonder if this is another name for Degenerative myelopathy? Sure sounds like it might be something similar. They gradually lose sensation in the spine and their back end collapses. My first GSD, beautiful Josey, was lost to this condition in October of 2003. She was 12 1/2 years old when we lost her.
Go to www.germanshepherds.com and once you are there, visit the web board section. You will find areas on senior dogs and also health.

I know that there is one web site devoted exclusively to this disease and it is started by a wonderful woman who lost her dog to this dreaded disease.

Best wishes to you and Jagr.
Yours in GSDs and rescue,
Virginia German Shepherd Rescue
Thank you! It was informative and it helped me find other resources. I really appreciate your responding.
Have a great day!
Hi Lea,
Thank you for your info. I think you may be right, that it is the same as DM, I have been able to find quite abit of info on DM but its very technical. But your link led me to another and so on so I am hopeful to find out more this way.
I am heartbroken about your Josey. I visited your website and I was so impressed with what you do..it just brought tears to my eyes seeing all those beautiful shepherds. I know that someday, when we do this again, we'll do it that way. I don't think I could do it any other way.
I would like to ask, would you possibly be able to tell me a little about Josey's condition, for example, what kind of symptoms you saw? I do not want to as you to re-hash something painful, so please understand if you'd rather not I understand. I just feel as though I could understand it if someone who experienced it first hand could explain it to me. If you'd prefer to email me, please feel free.

Thank you again for your help and support.
Julie & Jagr..happily following daddy around while he does manly things outdoors