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Hi Louise!

Unfortunately we can't see the picture, will you try again? Either paste the URL or register and you can upload it yourself Emotion: smile
Cyrus..9 yo Silver

Xavier..12 yo Ruddy
A couple more...Xav is a real ham..loves the vet, was all excited for his checkup in this pic.

Cyrus in cuteness overload mode

Madamoiselle M waking up

Here is my Abby, for consideration in the "Most Beautiful Abyssinian Cat" contest. His name is Nick, also known as "Nick the Stick." He is a ruddy male, two years old. He loves to chase mice in the cellar, cuddle and, like all Abbys, get into everything everywhere, whether he is supposed to or not. He is my second Abby and is wonderful, intelligent, and full of love. I consider myself blessed to have him in my life.

John K. Casey
A beautiful Abby! Grogeous face. Reminds me of my last Abby, Figaro, who was also a red. Is this one a male or female? Tell me more!

The above was intended for the entry made by "Feline Friend." I attempted to reply to that person's entry, but instead my response ended up attached to mine. So please count my vote for his Abby. I obviously think my cat is the most beautiful, but I did not mean to vote for myself.
No worries John and thanks for participating Emotion: smile

Jordi asked me to post this photo for her:

Miko, three year old blue abby.
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