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when does this contest end
We'll decide on the winner at the end of the month Emotion: smile

here is my lovely Ghibli, Abissinian, 7 years old male.. We are from Fucecchio, a little town near Florence, Italy.
Isn't he faboulous??Emotion: wink
Bye bye
Antonella and Ghibli

right on!
Barry asked me to post these photos of Gimli


Very handsome, in a stern sort of way. He should have smiled for the camera. Maybe he was annoyed because he didn't get his favorite flavor of Fancy Feast!
They are all so beautiful!!

This is the 9 month old Ruddy kitten who has been with us for four months. His name is Shogun, and we think he's gorgeous.

I'm not sure how to post pictures here, so we'll see if this works ~~~ or not.Emotion: smile

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these pictures are of lux, kai, and major. major is the youngest baby and such a little star! he walks on a leash and uses the toilet. he has a facebook page:

here are some of his videos on youtube:
Abyssinian kitten walking on a leash in Los Angeles - Major
Abyssinian Cat Peeing in the Toilet!
Abyssinian Kitten: MAJOR - Stray Cat Strut - iPhone 4 HD and iMovie
Abyssinian Kitten MAJOR on a leash at Petsmart - iPhone 4 HD & iMovie App

i hope you like them!
This is Astro our 12 year old Abby, looking out the window of the setting sun. He was peering through the window sheers.

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