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Hi Louise, do you have a photo of Astro somewhere else? If so you can just post the link here and we'll upload the photo for you Emotion: smile
last upload didnt work, so ill try again...this is aimee, my most beautiful abyssinian. she looks cute here, but shes even better in real life!
This is the lovely Ruby, or "Bee" as I like to call her.
My blue aby Tikki

Max my ruddy aby

This is our gorgeous little chat -- Romy de la folie Chamont (full name).

Such a wonderful cat! smart, affectionate, playful, wilful, determined, innocent and very intelligent. A dream!

Romy -- our beautiful girl

we have a heap of photos so we'll upload our favourites. x

Merindalee Mr Nice Guy
WillowPark Weakathe Knees (Kenny)

WillowPark Felicity

.. and Merindalee Man ona Mission

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