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rudy chilling in window

rudy is so handsome
hhi shes pandora my 1 year old aby, loves bacon and standing at sun, is toilet trained and also walk on a leash
I posted this picture of my Khepera, for some reason was not able to submit my info. Email Removed
Hi, we generally don't allow contact details in posts directly (this is to protect you from scam and spam) but if you create a profile you can add all your details in there.
This is our new baby Rosie

Sorry the first pic is a little fuzzy


FIN Kawaii Bishamon, 4 years old male aby a. He loves to purr and gives me hugs and wet kisses every day. "Tuhka" is a father of 6 kittes, all of them are females. And we are expecting more kittens next year.
Hi, she is Kas-Naranja, my prety female blue. She is 5 years old and is lovely.
He is Oriol, a picture when he has 2 months
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