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Competition is closed! We'll announce the winner soon Emotion: smile
It was super tough, seriously extremely difficult, to the point that we changed our minds about 5 times before agreeing... but we finally did.

This is such a beautiful breed and each and every cat that you guys posted looks stunning! Thanks to everyone who participated, you really made this fun! We wanted to make a top 10 list but thought that wouldn't be much of a competition anymore [O-)]

Congratulations to Bowie posted by mcadoo !


You're on our homepage now, as well as two runner-ups!
Also, Bowie is in our article about Abby cats now!

Thanks again everyone! Emotion: bow

(Maybe you'll join our next competition, we'll tell you more about that tomorrow.)



FIN Kawaii Bishamon
Congratulations to Bowie!!
David, Zafira is so so so awesome, I'm really in love with her. Emotion: love
Bowie is handsome, congrats! I can imagine how difficult it was to choose the winner - personally, I have many favourite pics including Zafira, Heisaham, Ruby Bee, WillowPark Felicity, the kitten posted by Pauline Emotion: love , Atum, Erilyn, St. Valentine... thank goodness I didn't have to make a choice!! Love them all and thanks for your great photos and great competition!!
Ghibli thanks and salute you!!!!!!! MIAOOOOOOEmotion: clap
Congrats to the winner(s), this breed is beautiful so congrats also to everyone who has one of these cats! That makes everyone a winner, right? Emotion: smile
Thanks so much for choosing Bowie! We love the breed and also have a Ruddy and Fawn Abyssinian. There were so many great cats in the contest. He is also the sweetest cat we've had. Thanks again!
i am bummed but congrats to all you winners Emotion: smile
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