Hi all!

Do you have an Abyssinian cat? Then participate in our new contest!
Post a photo of your beloved Abby to this thread, and we'll announce the winner at the end of the month. Don't forget to leave your name or become part of the community and register!
To be able to upload a photo you have to be registered. If you don't want to register just leave a link of the photo and we'll upload it for you.

The winner's Abby will be exposed on our front page for thousands of people to see daily, and it will also be placed in our article about Abyssinian cats .

Come on! Give your cat a chance to become famous!
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Here are my 13-year old brothers: Linus (red) and Leon:

Picture was taken we were moving but guys kept it cool the whole time...
(missing image)

Khepera by Sue
(missing image)
This is my Ruddy Abyssinian, Ruby Begonia
This is another picture of Ruby...better than the 1st one I uploaded, IMHO. I was having trouble uploading and tried to attach this with the first one.
Dear My Smelly,

We are entering Astro, our 12 year old male Abyssinian. He has been the love of our lives since he was 9 months old, and he is currently battling lymphoma.

(missing image)

Thank you,

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