My dog has had an interest in my besrded dragon for a while now...although you woukd thibk he would onow bettervit you constantly trained him that the reptile is not a chew toy...he didnt learn...apparently he had the nerve to take the dragin off of me whike i had him on my side.....in the end ..i had to bury my scaly little friend....what would be a suitable punishment for this dog ... i hate its guts he killed my companion as if he were a chew toy.....useless dog..i know he did it on purpise
it was your responsibility to watch that your dog doesn't get the dragon, you shouldn't have been near your dog with the dragon so you should not punish the dog!
If you believe it's okay to punish or otherwise harm or disown your dog (who probably has forgotten by now and certainly did NOT do it on purpose) for something that was your responsibility to prevent, you shouldn't own a dog.