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Not around here.

Just as a point of note, the question you're replying to- and the entire exchange between myself and Janet - is in regards to a specific shelter, namely the MD SPCA in Baltimore. Three of my current five companions-in-fur are from that shelter, and Janet is on the board of directors. :-)
It is the law that they must be spayed before they go home, but they still don't spay until after an adopter has been found.

That's a fairly common practice, I think- as noted in one of Janet's posts, it used to be that way at the MD SPCA.
I always figured it was a financial issue. They can't afford to pay to fix dogs that are going to be put down, so they wait until they are sure the dog is going to be adopted.

Financial and logistical, I would think... IOW a matter of not wanting to waste time as well as money.
As a secondary point of note, the MD SPCA is a private shelter, not a municipal one, and is fortunate enough to be fairly well-funded. Baltimore also has a city pound, plus several smaller private rescue groups. (Not shelters.)