I lost my hamster and I do not know what to do it has almost been a full day and I have set hamster food and Walnuts raisins and carrots and no touch. I looked under beds in closets and in dark corners and I am sad please help!
my lost hamster was gone for over 6 weeks...pretty much thought he was gone...one night i was taking a ham out of the oven and he poked out between the dishwasher and stove...the little opening there...he was skinny but the smell of ham finally made him show himself...don't give up hope
My hamster got loose and I found him sitting underneath a dresser when I called him name he came to me (I was surprised too). Just keep looking especially underneath and inside crevices, call for him I am not sure if my hamster knew his name or just responded to my voice but he seemed happy by the reunion, check for signs of chewing hopefully he will come out when he gets hungry. Keep in mind when he is most active