Is it normal for small dogs like Quincy to snore like a truck? I'm very sound sensitive at night and I can hear him even though he's sleeping in another room. This doesn't happen every night thanks god, but when it happens, I'm duelling to sleep. I've not had dogs for like 10 years and the ones I had in the past didn't have this problem. They could breathe heavily but it was far from being annoying. We rescued Quincy last month. Just found him in our yard one morning. We've been at a vet and he said the dog is healthy. So is this snoring something I should be concerned about and ask my vet specifically?
I don't know honestly. My dog snores too sometimes and I've never thought it to be a reason for concern. I have a Border Collie. Dogs with shorts faces snore more often by the way but Quincy doesn't seem to have too short a muzzle. I wish I could give you more help!
Thanks for responding. Quincy's muzzle is clearly shorter than in a Border Collie. I wonder what other owners of short faced dogs should say.

PS I had a Border Collie when I was a kid. Gorgeous breed!