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Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

She was very loved and knew it. We all send our condolences on your loss. She was a good girl and a trusted, beloved friend.
Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

I'm not a longtime reader here, but I am thinking of you and your Maggie. I just lost my own sweet girl, and it hurts like heck. It is good that there are people who can understand how much these creatures can mean - I know I can't imagine my life over the past years without my Sophie, and I'm sure you feel the same.
All my best to you and yours, and I am certain Maggie knew how much she was loved, which I personally believe is about the best any of us can truly ask for.
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Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

My condolences, Mark.

Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.

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Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

I am so sorry-what a hard thing to have to do. (And in my experience it never gets any easier.) Please accept my most sincere condolences.

Dana (lighting a candle for Maggie, so she can find her way to all of our gone-before-us friends.)
Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

Mark, I only met Maggie once but felt like I knew her for her whole adult life. She was everything people hope for when they get a Lab for their families - that perfect Lab temperament. I'm toasting Maggie tonight and hope you and Susan are doing the same.

The vet came about 1:00, and we gave her her release. I'm pretty sure she wasn't in much pain, but ... Pics of Maggie and some of her friends can be found at my website (URL below). (followups set to rec.pets.dogs.behavior)

I'm sorry, Mark. It's been a long battle and I'll
miss your Maggie stories. I always felt like I knew her from the fine way you told your descriptions of her and her generous nature.
She was one of a kind.
Longtime readers of these newsgroups are already familiar with Maggie and her health issues, but for those who aren't: Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

Hello Mark Shaw,
it is always difficult to lose a dog, especially a labradoragirl, which are the hardest dogs of all to lose. I know that people here hurt you and kept you from sharing your wonderful stories about Maggie, and also kept you from protecting the group from whackos and trolls with your weekly warnings. Now, we are lost without you and the whackos and trolls are running rampant.
One of those people who hurt you was, of course, MALinda Shore when she called you a chickenhawk. I will continue to punish and use negative reinforcement on the high priestess of Frozen Frigid Tundra Jewish Atheist KlonDyke Ice Queens any chance I get in your honor and in Maggie's memory.
I hope this heelps.
rpdb heelper
I lost my "Maggie" about 6 mos ago. The Maggies are special, aren't they? Time is the key, but oh, the hurt..
I'm sorry.
Longtime readers of these newsgroups are already familiar with Maggie and her health issues, but for those who aren't: Goodbye, Sweet Girl.

Mark...while it's nice to hear from you, the circumstances upon your return, are bittersweet. As you said before, you'd return upon Maggie's passing. I'm sorry to hear of it, and of your loss. Goodbye, sweet Maggie.
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