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Well, I was going to get the oldest cat fixed but he got out last night and got into a fight. I'm still taking him to the vet to have his leg looked at but I doubt the vet will fix him until the leg heals! We got rid of Billy, the one that was more aggressive towards my cat, because he growled/hissed at my 6 month old. And there was no way I was keeping him around after that. I made it clear that if any of the animals ever showed even the slightest aggression towards my son, that animal would be going by-by. He probably would have bitten my son if I hadn't of pulled him away. All he was doing was petting the cat...and he wasn't doing it very hard because I had his hand and was showing him how.
Ooh what a sad thing to read about Billy. Do you mean you re-homed him? I hope the new family will have the conditions that meet his needs better and he'll become a happier and a less aggressive kitty.

Sending good vibes to Kal so he gets better soon. Emotion: rose
We took him to a no-kill shelter near where we live. He's a beautiful kitty and usually has a good temperament. We told the people there why we were giving him up and they said they would make sure he went to an appropriate home. And speaking of Kal, I called the vet and the lady who answered the phone said the vet would still neuter him if he was limping just so long as no open wound was visible and as long as he wasn't acting lethargic or throwing up. The bad news is, Kal got outside,again, so it will probably be tomorrow before we can get him fixed. I told James, my hubby, that we're probably gonna have to lock him in one of the bathrooms or something just to keep him in the house.
People, you need to educate yourselves before taking on the responsibility of the life of another creature...3 un-neutered males & got rid of Billy... Completely irresponsible pet owner. And your concern was over them fighting...
Have to agree with the post above this one. Billy wasn't the problem, your lack of neutering them was the problem. It's always hard to hear from someone that you're doing something wrong in terms of cat-parenting, but by the fact that you sent him away I would guess that wouldn't hurt you one bit.
No neutering is the problem please don't get anymore cats.
why would you not neuter male cats in a purely male household? That is very irresponsible, I am sorry to say this. Neuter your cats and the problems will go away. The reason why your youngest one is not fighting back is because he accepts to be the weakest one.
Please just get them all neutered...
Why did you have to bug your husband? You are surely capable of taking them to the vets'? And I would recommend them all being neutered at the same time so they don't detect 'vet' on the one who's been. That way, they all start 'neutral'.
Anonymous, now, come on, you have no clue how that household is run. Maybe her husband's the one that handles the money and that's why she "bugs" him about it.
To let that much time go by, though... not good.