So, I have 3 un-neutured male cats. I have been bugging my husband for a good six months to get them neutered because I knew it was only a matter of time before they started fighting. And lo and behold, the have indeed tfighting. The older one fights the middle one and the middle one goes and beats up on the youngest one. The older one, Kal, is around 2-4 years of age. The middle one, Billy, is between 1-3 years of age. The youngest one, Nibbler, is at most a year and a half. Nibbler gets the worst of it. If Billy even so much as sees Nibbler, the fighting begins. Well, not so much fighting as Billy jumping on him and Nibbler trying to get away. It's gotten so bad that Nibbler rarely comes in the house. And it's so weird because Billy and Nibbler used to love each other.

My question on earth do I keep them from fighting until I can get them to the vet? I'm calling the vet tomorrow to see what the price is. Another question, if I choose to get the younger one fixed first, will Billy stop jumping on him all the time? Cause the oldest cat is very rarely actually in the house so fights between him and Billy are rare. But Billy and Nibbler tend to occupy the same space, our room. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to stop letting Billy into our room and make that strictly Nibbler's space. I am sooo frustrated because the youngest one is my kitty and he is such a gentle soul. he doesn't even try to fight back. he just runs away...but Billy is faster.

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear about their fighting Emotion: sad I think Billy needs to be neutered first to reduce his testosterone level. I don't think neutering Nibbler first makes sense because he doesn't seem to be very combative from your description. Let's see what others think! For now I would keep them in different rooms... cannot think of something else! But make sure they all still get plenty of your attention, and that everyone has its "own" bit of space.
By the way, fighting may become more some time after the neutering surgery because the neutered cat will feel injured and will have to defend himself. But then I hope everything will settle down for you! Please let us know how it goes.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about getting Billy fixed first. Kal only attacks Billy if he gets too close to him. Kal never actively goes after Billy. I'm thinking maybe Billy is more aggressive now because he is kinda sick and has been spending a lot of time in our room, which is usually Nibbler's space.


So, the night before last, Nibbler and Billy got into it...again. Billy was laying on our bed and Nibbler came into the room. Nibbler immediately left the room upon seeing Billy on the bed. Billy took off out of the room and proceeded to beat up harshly on Nibbler. I have yet to see Nibbler again. My father in law said he saw Nibbler yesterday and that he came into the house to eat but then went back outside. (Billy was asleep in our room). I'm hoping Billy didn't permanently run off my cat.
Do they only fight when they come across each other in your room? Perhaps you should allow neither of them into there until they're fixed, at least one of them. I still think Billy should be first. And yes you're right, he can be more aggressive because he's sick. Emotion: sad I hope things get better for you all soon!
No, it's not just when they are in our room. If Billy so much as even sees Nibbler, he takes off after him. I called the vet and it is 35 dollars to neuter. so now I have to convince my hubby to fork over the money.
What are your husband's arguments against neutering? I don't understand why he wouldn't want to do this now when the problems are obvious.
How's it going Jennifer?
Animals still haven't been neutered yet. They will be nxt month though. The fighting has calmed down ever since Nibbler has been staying outside most of the time. The older two have fighting wounds... not sure if it's from fighting each other or other cats.
I see. Please let us know how it goes after they're neutered! Emotion: rose
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