We adopted a 12 week old maltese puppy from a family with 4 children who bought it and after 3 days said they couldn't handle a 2 1/2 pd puppy with all their kids under the age of 13...who knows how they played with him...he is beautiful. and has been with us for a week. The 1st 3 days he was sweet like an angel...then out of nowhere he became manic and went psycho...he dropped his toy and started biting my arm so hard it drew blood. sometimes he bites my pants and will not release - i know he is teething and have alot of stimulating teething toys. Im wondering if this is a sign of aggressive behavior? or just a stage. When he is on his back and i pet his belly he has his mouth open....i thought he was yawning but he just wants to bite...Am I overreacting? Help
Hi anon,

It's a stage that can grow into aggression if you don't handle the situation right.

Get a spray bottle with clean water and keep it around at all times. As soon as he starts biting, use it saying NO in a firm and loud voice, and stop the game immediately. Ignore him for some time after this. He should eventually understand that biting means an end of fun and attention.

In addition, start training him the commands like leave it and drop it . Use them whenever he takes a "bad" thing in his mouth, be it your hands, pants, or anything else.

Some good tips are also given here: How to stop puppy biting

Good luck and please keep us posted.