Hi I got an argument with a mate about spiders being able to devour birds. I cannot imagine that a spider can do that and he kept saying there is "mammoth" spider or something that is known to eat birds. This is giving me the creeps. What web should it be to catch a bird??? Sounds impossible but if it's true I hope I'll never come across anything like that!
It's unbelievable yet true. Don't watch this video if you're not ready to see an eating bird spider.

Makes me wonder what's the biggest thing that spider can eat.
Those birds are pretty much their biggest prey as far as I'm concerned.
Spooky. I hope I never come across him falling on my head all of a sudden. Where does he dwell and do people in those areas really see them often?
AnonymousWhere does he dwell
Rain forest areas of South America. I dont think ppl see them often.