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You can offer fruit more than once a week. I ... me happy to see her enjoy her food so much.

Thanks, Linda. Peaches really doesn't seem to care for mango. She does love granny smith apples. She also loves ... veggies. She gets millet spray as a treat and sometimes some seed mix. She seems to be very happy. Jill

I forgot to mention that you can use frozen vegetables as well, if you're out of fresh. There are some very nice vegetable mixes that have a good variety of veg mixed together. They're just as nutritious as fresh veggies and you have the advantage of taking a couple of tablespoons out of the bag at a time. Just cook in your micro, let cool and serve. With the vegetable mixes, you'll be able to see what veg Peaches prefers. My birds especially like frozen peas and sweet corn.

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