4 month old GSD, Male, has been completely house trained for a full month. As a younger pup he would sometimes pee while he walked, as if he didn't know it was happening. I assumed it was an accident as it usually happened en route to the back door.
But it's been a full month since any sort of accidents have occurred and tonight, within 30 minutes of a trip outside in which he peed while walking off the deck and subsequently took a really long pee in the yard, he did the same thing behind the couch. After he spent a couple minutes being really concerned and seemingly afraid of a smell in the couch(which he'd never been on before) and then followed me to the bathroom.
He's never lifted his leg to pee and frequently "teabags" my 10 year old lab, could this be his "marking?" Or should I be concerned that it is something medical? He never ever has accidents anymore. It's only the 1 time since a month ago but maybe it's a GSD thing or something? Any ideas?
This post is a few months back, but have you been to the vet with your dog? Just to rule out any medical issues.