Just a thought to all our friends in Japan who are currently suffering and have lost friends and relatives. Number of missing persons (dead/drown/disseapeared) has risen up to 10 000.
I will be in Moscow next week and should be in Tokyo in 15, will keep you informed.

And yes, Maru is safe Emotion: smile

http://lovemeow.com/2011/03/maru-and-pokke-are-safe-after-the-8-9-earthquake-in-japan /
I'm really sorry to hear the news coming from Japan these days. A terrible disaster.

I'm glad Maru is fine. In fact I thought about him one or two days ago, and it's surprising that you started this thread now. Emotion: smile

Is your trip to Tokio a business one?
Yes, Tokyo is partly for job, partly private..I really need to see how my friends are doing now.
I see. Please take a good care of yourself there. [Ye]
Thanks for the update on all the Japanese kitties! Be safe on your trip.
I'm glad to know about Maru! It's really so sad to see what's going on in Japan now. Emotion: sad My prayers are with Japanese people and everyone who have been affected.

What city are your friends from? Have you managed to get in touch with them so far?
Helllo Lauren, thank you for your concern. Most of my friends live around Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki.Still, i know people who live further in the north, like Fukushima and no news so far...situation is getting worse every hour while i'm watching the news feed...