...was a total stress-out for the poor little thing! He hates being touched anyways, let alone poked and prodded. As I sat outside the exam room I could hear him screaming bloody murder and felt so bad for him. When the doctor came out with the carrier, she also had a hand full of Mel's tail feathers! Apparently he tried to get away and the tech got ahold of his tail. No wonder he was screaming! I can laugh now when I remember the horrified look on the doctors face, but I think Mel will not get over it for quite some time. The sad part is...we have to go back every day through Friday for 3 more injections!
The fecal immediately showed Giardia in him so I guess I was right that he's our 'Typhoid Mel'.
I always thought he seemed a little too thin, but the doctor thought he was perfect, and said that actually Mollie was a little too 'chubby'...even wrote that on her chart. So now, I think, instead of Mollie and Mel, I should just call them Chubby and Stubby!
Mollie's LDH was down, Mel's chem panel was within normal range (except total protein was down a bit) and other than the Giardia, they are both in very good condition. Mac was chirpy and chipper and happy to see his mama this morning...but he's down a gram in weight. They're not very worried since he's still a little stressed. His appetite is good and seems to be responding to treatment. I will be bringing him home on Friday after taking the tiels for their last Flagyl injection.
All in all it was a pretty 'good news' day (and a very expensive one) I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this round of treatment for all three birds will do the trick and get rid of those nasty bugs!

...was a total stress-out for the poor little thing! He hates being touched

Poor Mel! It sounds like he had a terribly rough day! We'll keep my fingers and claws crossed that this series works and that he doesn't have to endure another round!
Judy & Fido