Merry Catmus everybody! Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas to you too and I hope you have purrrrfect holidays Emotion: smile
Merry Xmas to all!!!
thank you! You too!!!
same to you alfinnlay and to everyone! ^_^ merry christmas! xoxo
Thanks alfinnlay! Merry Catmus to you too! Emotion: catEmotion: giftEmotion: musicAny special plans for the holidays? Emotion: smile
Not really. everyone went to my sister's last night and unfortunately as I was getting ready to leave I started getting sick. sigh. so I stayed home with my kitties and watched Christmas cartoons. LOL. That's fun anyways. Usually on Christmas day we go visit certain relatives and they all passed away this year. 3 of them! sheesh! It's been a rough year. Here's hoping this next one is better. How about you? Any plans?
Oh wow, sorry to know about your relatives! May they rest in peace.
We don't "officially" celebrate Xmas on 25th December but on 7th January because we're Orthodox, but I have so many Catholic friends that 25th Dec has become a special day for me as well, meaning that I'll always congratulate everyone and I do have a feeling it's a day different from the other days of the year. As to 7th Jan, there's nothing particular planned for that day, we'll just spend it together with my family I guess. Emotion: smile