This morning the water from our tap was rusty so I gave my cat some cool mineral water instead. He couldn't stop drinking! Now I wonder if I should permanently switch to giving him mineral water? Maybe there are some nutrients that he lacks. Does anyone here give their cats mineral water?
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Joleen Cohen I doubt there is any nutritional thing in it because cats are not big drinkers they get their water from raw meat

cats are not drinkers? that is the most ignorant thing I´ve ever heard about cats. Clearly, either you don´t own a cat or don´t threat them right if you have them. My cat has water bowls a 3 different places in the apartment and evrytime i walk by, he drinks his water. So please, if you´re really caring of your cat by letting it hydrate trough his meat, give the cat away to someone who knows how to properly care about them.

Wow, you have a go at someone who’s cat doesn’t drink a lot??

They never said they don’t provide water, just that he doesn’t drink a lot.

mine doesn’t either and has as much as he wants.

stop being a nasty internet troll. These places are for people to help each other and learn things.

Just FYI Britta filters don't remove fluoride which is bad for cats

Don't see any need to be so confrontational. I believe the original poster meant that carnivores in the wild get some amount of their water supply via the meat they eat. Of course, everyone knows that cats require a supply of water; it is a matter of how much they require based on what else they eat. Domestic cats who only eat dry food will always require a free supply of fresh water daily.