This morning the water from our tap was rusty so I gave my cat some cool mineral water instead. He couldn't stop drinking! Now I wonder if I should permanently switch to giving him mineral water? Maybe there are some nutrients that he lacks. Does anyone here give their cats mineral water?
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i think it's ok to give it from time to time but for a regular water supply i'd still use ordinary water. i've never heard of giving cats mineral water as the main water source.
I wouldn't give mineral water but I would give spring water. Tap water contains way too many pathogens and chemicals. We have an over the counter water filter that we change the cartridge every 6 months. Works great. We have way too much iron in our water and that's a problem for both people and pets. If you want more info about healthy water you can read my article here: http://ibdkitties.net/heatlthywater.html
Cats love clean fresh water and tap water is probably not as tasty and and fresh as mineral water, I doubt there is any nutritional thing in it because cats are not big drinkers they get their water from raw meat , that's why it's such a struggle getting a cat that is on a dry food diet to drink, it's just not something they do a lot ..
Our tap water also has a lot of iron in it it's a pain!

I've read somewhere that it might be bad to give cats and dogs cold water that it's best for it to be in room temperature, but I couldn't tell you why because I don't remember it was so long ago! lol
We have a water filter too and it's been working fine but looking how much he liked mineral water I was wondering if he lacked some dietary elements you know.
Anyway thanks for your replies all and thanks for the link.
No, he probably just likes the way the tap runs. Some cats like running water. What about getting a water drinking fountain for them?
I'm not sure we got each other. He was drinking mineral water from his bowl, not from the tap.
I have been taking care of my daughter's 11-year-old cat for a year now and always give him fresh water from my tap water which comes out of an artesian well, but I rarely see him drinking it though he has it in two locations. I never have to actually refill it but do so just to keep it fresh. However, he will rush to any puddles in the gravel driveway after a rain and again, today, I saw him heartily drinking from a small enamel pan that had small stones in it and a bit of water after some rain we've had here on the coast of Maine after a very dry spring and summer. So I couldn't help to raise the question of a mineral content that is present in that water. He is an average eater, consuming both dry and wet food, never eating more than his little fill. I wonder if a special mineral water, left from any bubbles originally present, might serve him well. This would not be regular spring bottled water but one that was enhanced with minerals. He also occasionally chews on blades of grass. What is missing from all these special cat food diets?

It is very healthy for letting your cat drink mineral water

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