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I know the temptation is strong to get a second bird, but see how it is first. Your bird will need fresh cooked vegetables, raw, and fruits in addition to pellets and seeds. It's quite a bit of work.

Good point, curious to hear how much work / other quirks other's have with their birds. Here is my typical day:
Harry (Umbrella Too) starts to clamber about his aviary, at the moment this is between 5am and 6am. The room which contains the aviary has no door and is about 3 metres from my always open bedroom door. Imagine having a wonderful dream only to have it shattered by the sound of metal clashing and banging for the next two hours.
Harry also like to SCREAM at Sunrise. It's just his way of saying "Where is everyone, better let them know im still here"...I normally shout, "Quiet Harry, too early" and he will maybe stop for fifteen minutes before letting out another ear shattering screech. This will continue until I leave for work...
Before my bath, I go into his aviary and remove four stainless steel dishes. One for water, one for seeds, one for his biscuits and the other for fruit / veg. All dishes go straight into the dishwasher and replacements are taken from the cupboard, the fruit and veg is cut, his seeds and biscuits replenished, and his water resupplied. Back upstairs with it all, into the aviary.
Bath time. I go to his aviary, remove his favourite wooden black chair and sit it next to the bath. I then run my bath, go get Harry, plonk him down on the chair, and have a shave and a wash before showering to rinse. Harry gets around 30 minutes of staring at me preening, whilst I yap to him. I feel this is vital to his well being, Cockatoo's need loads of attention, so
30 minutes in the morning will do loads.

Downstairs to the kitchen, Harry on my shoulder. I will enjoy a cup of tea whilst looking into the back garden, whilst Harry will either sit on my shoulder talking to the birds that fly past, or he will sit and yap to my toaster which is mirrored...he clicks his beak at himself.

Around 9am:
Harry is back into his Aviary, and I bugger off to work until around 4 / 5pm.
Within 30 seconds of the bottom door being closed, Harry screams for me, and I go up and give him five minutes or so of attention. I may bring him out the aviary at this time, or I may let him amuse himself for another hour or two depending on what i do.
Around 7pm:
I have my tea, with Harry on my lap. Minging, I know Emotion: smile He may nibble my ear, or he may just nibble whatever is on my plate! Again, this is essential attention for him.
Around 7:15pm
I normally go into my office upstairs, Harry on my shoulder. i spend around
2 or 3 hours working or arsing about on the net, Harry flying between his"high chair" and my shoulder..very amusing and he seems to enjoy it lots.

Around 11pm, back into his cage, and he will settle down.

That's a very general / typical day. There are days when I spend a lot more time (Such as cleaning the aviary which takes over an hour), or times when im literally out from 8am to after midnight. I try to keep those days to a minimum.
Now I have just purchased a CAG, I really need to double my efforts and pull another five or six hours out my butt!!!
One other thing, been wonderfully Sunny in Scotland the past few weeks. If you want to spend time with your bird and enjoy the sun, best find another hour or so to get the bird out safely, back in safely, and get the outdoor cage cleaned and covered!!!
Does anyone have any good guidelines on mixing Parrot of different types?

Well, I would never use more than a quarter cup of GCC to a quart of any flavored Macaw. Damn batch turns out too spicy for my tastes.

You are absolutely correct about the noise of an Amazon, but as yet another data point, they are really fairly quiet (at least ours it) compared to my wife's Sun Conure. That bird.. well enough said.

We have a Sun and an Alexadrine hoping that Jeffery(Alexandrine) doesn't take to mimicing 'Quilas loud rants but that may be preferable to the steam whistle that he likes now!!
Hi All, New to the forum, I currently don't own ... a Amazon but my Fiance wants an CAG/TAG Thanks NG

By mixing do you mean as in owning more than 1 bird? If so, this is co=mmon. If you decide ... years together,=and they do not like each other, probably never will. We keep them apart s=o there is not fights.

2 Scarlet Macaws, 4 African Greys, 3 Blue-fronted Amazons, 2 Orange-wing=ed Amazons, 3 Blue-crowned Conures (plus 5 babies). All loose, no cages= , no problems. Maybe it's being trapped in a cage with another bird the= y don't like. Out of cages there isn't such competition for territory.

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