Has anyone tried the molucca nuts? The Indonesian Parrot Project ( http://www.indonesian-parrot-project.org ) is selling molucca nuts to help preserve the native islands of endangered wild cockatoos. Like many places, the rainforests are being taken down. The project is using proceeds of the molucca nuts to help the rainforest become profitable on its own.

I ordered two pounds (at $15 USD a pound.) There supposed to be a real treat for your birds and better in nutrition that macadamias or brazil nuts.

New York, NY
My M-Too and house Parrotlets love them, my BFA tolorates them and the BCC, Senegal and Maxi Pi hate um.
I bought 4 pounds last June and used them as treats only, hey at fifteen bucks a pound they are treats.
Bob W

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Have you tried pine nuts? My blue and gold Macaw absolutely loves them. Other birds like them too.
I pay about $4.50 a pound and my supplier says they are like candy to birds. Big Bird cannot get enough of them, ofcourse I limit them to him. He eats with us every night and wants to eat everything we eat or he feels slighted.
BLL (bird lover lady)
Gracie gets all kinds of nuts. I bought the molucca nuts primarily for the support of the Indonesian Parrot group.
New York, NY
On 1/4/05 10:06 AM, in article
Right-All kinds of nuts!!! Maybe that is why my macaw loves Xmas because you can get all kinds of nuts in the shells. His favorite is a tie between walnuts and pecans. Ofcourse, pine nuts would beat any of them!