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Won't grow back either.

Won't nothin' else grow there, either, for quite a long time. It wasn't for laughs that the Romans would plow your fields with salt when you *** them off.

Kate, remembering the time those rotten kids from The Other High School salted Bad Words into our pride'n'joy football field.
Salt works on dandelions. Hose down area with water and then pour salt directly from bag or box onto large ... Scotia and that is the only thing that has worked successfully for killing and keeping them from growing right back.

You might as well dig the dandelions out with a trowel as pour salt on them. Salt sticks around in the soil and keeps on killin', as another poster has pointed out.

It can be effective to spot-treat with Roundup
(glyphosate). One way to do it is wear a latex glove and dip a sponge in the stuff and paint it on the weed.

People are against using every chemical, because they all must be "bad," but Roundup is benign as weedkillers go, breaks down quickly, etc. Heck, salt is a
chemical, too.
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