Hi all, I am a beginner in the reptile area but I generally love all of them except spiders Emotion: wink
I wanted to know which is the most interesting pet to have, the one you can interact with the most. A snake, lizard, turtle... any other?

Thanks all!
The only thing I've heard is that lizards need a lot more work than snakes and turtles. But I don't know if they are more "interactive".
Hey Anon#1,

I think you'll never find it out until you try to have all of them at least once. Emotion: big smile

To be serious, interests differ, so some people may find it interesting to have a snake, others - to have a lizard... and so forth. (If you want to scare girls, that will be interesting to have a snake! [6] ah, sorry, couldn't resist...) So it wholly depends on you, I'd say. Emotion: wink
Out of the mentioned, I'd prefer a tutle. Don't know how interactive it is, but at least it's not that much... ahem... terrifying to me.
We have two green anoles. I think that's how you spell it.

My kids hold them - and if you flip them on their back and pet their tummies, they go right to sleep.

It's fun to feed them crickets - they go from being passive things that hang around to very tiny dinosaurs! All of the sudden, they are predators. You only have to feed them 3 times a week or so.

Also, they change color, from brown to green, so the "color report" is interesting.

Note: I don't care to touch them!
I cannot make out what animal you meant, Barb. Can you please give any other names or maybe a picture?
Ah I never knew they were called that either, interesting creatures!


photo by Vicki

I've personally had corn snakes but they aren't the most interesting snakes in my opinion. They are great for beginners though.
I can't say if they are more or less interactive than other reptiles, whereas they do beat turtles I think Emotion: wink
I don't know about the most interactive ones, but some of the most POPULAR ones are:

Bearded Dragons
Leopard Geckos
Water Dragons

Beardies being my favorites too.
Barb, please DO NOT EVER "flip" your anoles or any other lizard on their backs, theyre not going to sleep, theyre suffocating!!! they (lizards) lack a diaphragm, which protects their tiny. lungs,!!!!! .