I suddenly saw Bruiser sprinting away in hot pursuit of something. He returned with something in his mouth and threw it down to the ground. As it scurried away I realized that it was awful big and moving very quickly to be a bug. I got up from my chair and realized it was another mouse! It would scurry away and Bruiser would pursue. On the pavement it would sometimes get a good 20 yards/meters away. But all his training chasing bugs was paying off.

He would easily catch it if it was on the pavement. He would then pick it up in his mouth and bring it back. If it ran to the grass it was tougher. It could get to the grass and freeze. Bruiser would then bat around with his paw until he found it. He must have caught it more 20 times but he could not kill it. He didn't have a clue how and truth be told I don't think he wanted to. He was just loving the chase. Finally after at least half an hour. It got away on the lawn.
I'm glad mousie got away and even better, Bruiser got to play anyway. Best wishes,

Polonca & Soncek