Pet persons;

I have a huge number of Cats, and I'm anticipating a move in the near future. I'll be down sizing from a 2000 sq house and 10 a to 1400 sq house and 1 a. I will not leave any of my pets to starve how can I get them to move with the less amount of stress? Some are inside and some are outside pets, I have cages but that just part of the answer.

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Hi Cattattitude,

How many cats do you have exactly? The only idea that occurs to me is to move them in groups "step by step" if you don't have a large car / enough cages to move all of them at once. I'd not worry about them getting stressed TOO much. First of all, cats are adaptable (I'm sure you know this well), and besides I'm sure they'll overcome it much easier since they are all together. Before you take them to a new home, you could leave there some of your personal things such as clothes (or their bedding, or whatever they're used to) so that there's something familiar in the new place. I'm sure everything will be all right in a few days when they've explored the new surroindings. By the way, that's very nice of you that you don't leave them! [Ye]
Thanks Rusiana! I'm just stressed it will be a long haul from Florida to North Carolina and I have 10 cats some outlside only, some in and outside, and other's inside only (the inside only I'm not sweating to much) but the othes I am.Emotion: automobile
When I recently moved my cats, this is what I did, and it was very successful... and I'm going on the assumption that you have outbuildings on your new 1 acre property.

Upon arriving at our new home, the outdoor cats were locked into one of the outbuildings for a period of two weeks so that they would get used to the idea that that was their new home. At the end of two weeks, they were allowed out, with supervision, gradually increasing their time outside. Once I was sure that they knew this was their new home, they were left to their own defenses.

The indoor cats were much easier because I didn't have to worry about them wandering away. It was a simple matter of giving them lots of attention until they calmed down and accepted this as their new home.

In your case, with the indoor/outdoor cats, I would advise keeping them inside until they're used to their new house, then begin allowing them outside with supervision. You can either tether them to your clothesline, or put them on a leash for outside visits. Once they become accustomed to their new yard, then they should be good to go it alone.

Good luck with your move and getting all your fur babies settled in.
Thanks JustaBrat,

I'm afraid no outside buildings so I've got to come up with something else, thought about large dog cages to put them in for the transport as well as leaving them in those for a period of time. Seems so cruel but if I'm going to do this I got to be sure they are safe. Only problem will be cover which I think there will be a detached garage I can set them under, just worried about dogs in the neighbor. too many worries first time I've moved a lot of cats ususally just one.
You mention a detached garage. Can you not lock them in there for a couple of weeks? It would certainly give them a bit more room to roam about.

Failing that you could always build a run for them and put your large crates inside it for them to sleep in.
I don't think it has a door, I like the idea of the run though. Are you talking about these wire or plastic tunnel like containers? I've seen something like that on pet sites.
I was actually thinking of something like a dog run, using fencing. However, now that you mention that the garage has no door, why not simply run a length of fencing across the front of the door opening to keep them in there. That way they have shelter from the weather, but still have fresh air coming in. It would also save you a lot of time and effort building a run.
Thanks for all your help, I'm heading there in a few days to assess the situation and hope I can come up with a plan I'll check on the garage and see about securing it for them to be safe until they get use to the area. Wish me luck
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