Mrs. McGrath
"Now, Mrs. McGrath," the sergeant said,
"Would you like to make a cockatoo o' your boy Ted? "With a fine strong beak, and a scarlet crest,
"And powd'ry feathers, and all the rest?"
With a do-ri-a, fol-a-diddle-a,
A do-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-a,
With a do-ri-a, fol-a-diddle-a,
A do-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-a.
So off flew Ted with the Cockatoo Corps,
For the space of seven long years or more.
Learned how to flap, and scream, and dance,
And wear white feathers instead of pants.
With a do-ri-a ..
And Mrs. McGrath sat down to wait,
And do her knitting by the garden gate.
'Til by came the flock sceamin'. 'cross the sky
"Balaloo, balaloo, 'tis Ted I spy!"
With a do-ri-a ...
"O cockatoos dear, where ha' ye been?
"Ha' ye been flyin' 'cross the Mediterreen?
"Is my boy Ted amongst you there?
"Has he got clean pants and underwear?"
With a do-ri-a ..
Then down swoops Ted, without any pants,
Puts up his crest, and begins to dance.
Hook-beaks up on his mother's hat,
Ruffles up his feathers, and gives a Splat.
With a do-ri-a ...
"Oh, was you drunk, or was you blind,
"When you left your fine new pants behind?
"Or was it a-flappin' across the sky
"Sent your fine new pants to the by-and-by?"
With a do-ri-a ..
"No, I wasn't drunk, and I wasn't blind,
"When I left my fine new pants behind.
"But now I'm a cockatoo, I scream and dance
"And wear white feathers instead of pants."
With a do-ri-a ..
So Mrs. McGrath declared a war
Between all mothers and the Cockatoo Corps.
"By heaven, I'll make 'em rue the time
"When they feathered the pants off a child o' mine."

With a do-ri-a, fol-a-diddle-a,
A do-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-a,
With a do-ri-a, fol-a-diddle-a,
A do-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-a.
Copyright (c) 2008 Rev. Victor Bogdanoff

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