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Snow, OTOH, is cold, tasty, and flingable! You'd be surprised ... pain meds and antibiotics and things just don't look right.)

harriet concurs. rain is eeevil, but snow is one of the best toys ever. we got what was supposed to be a scant dusting of snow on Friday.

Rayden and Cypher got to see their first snow this weekend as well. (it was also the first snow my kids had ever seen) Rayden refused to go off the porch, just barking at the fuzzy stuff in the air. After it stopped and the ground was lightly covered, he was ok. UNTIL he walked out in the yard and discovered that it was just covering up the icky mud from yesterday. He was quite offended, to say the least. Rayden acted like it was some horrible prank to trick him into getting muddy. Cypher, on the other hand, was in love. He spent the whole morning chasing snowballs with the kids. Poor baby had to eventually come in because he was cold though. Maybe I should look into getting him a sweater.

Speaking of the mud, Cypher has a new favorite game. Or an expansion of the old favorite "Picking on the little brother" lol He will run up, like he wants to play chase, and shove Rayden over into the mud. Guaranteed to make one extremely angry GSD puppy. Then he runs around the house, Rayden chasing him, barking and mad all the way, and you can tell that Cypher is laughing. Its even more fun than his old favorite game, "wait for Rayden to take a drink and shove him in the pond"