The Sierra Nevada Dog drivers are having an introduction to mushing weekend in Truckee, for people and dogs who've never done it before. You supply the dog(s), they provide the equipment and coaching. It sounds like a lot of fun. They say that all breeds of dogs are welcome, and certainly there's a lot of hounds and border collies pulling sleds these days.
The full information isn't yet up on their website ( http://www.sndd.org ) but it is on the last page of the current newsletter, which is available online
( http://www.sndd.org/pdf/sndd0803.pdf )

Melinda Shore - Software longa, hardware brevis - (Email Removed)

I'm walking the dog, all day and all night
Wow this looks interesting, and may nearly be worth the 15 h drive! The thought of skijoring with our CRAZY Canadian Eskimo Dog is a bit frightening, however.