Can cats be mute? I've never heard a single meow or purr from my Jake. Has anyone encountered anything like this? His hearing is OK, and he recognizes his name. But he doesn't make a sound.
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I have a mute female never made a sound

My cat had a checkered life. Originally adopted by a friend who no longer lives here, ran off and lived feral for about two years, then showed up at another friend's house across the street, was fed but still lived outside, then about two years ago, decided to move in. Now that friend is leaving so I took on the cat, female, Bella, beautiful, has to be part Siamese, blue eyes, body markings but only makes slight grunting and eeping sounds, purr so soft I really only know when I feel her body rumble. Her hearing is fine. She is 9 or 10. She is very affectionate but curls on the bed and "sleeps" most of the day. Not very playful with toys, loves a catnip pad.

My cat is like two years old and he doesn't know is that a bad sign.

My Tuxedo cat, Happy, is also mute. He was a rescue along with a second gray tabby, now called Baby and Amy. She chirps but he still does not make any talking noises. He is extremely loving and a happy purrer. Once in the car to the vet's office he did talk...pretty close to a meow of protest. Claudia in Bonita Springs.

I found a kitten dropped off on my mail route now its been 4 yrs ago. and noticed about 2 months ago when we got a new kitten that I have never ever heard my now 4 yr old cat meow she never even tries to meow. she does purr but has never meowed at all.

My cat has the same symptoms. No kidding.
I had a solid black cat from birth he was 18 yrs old when he passed never a meow or sound other than purring in the 18 yrs Mr Boattie would place his paw on you and guild you to what he wanted as our other black cat Irish would do all the talking for them both even Irish would say Mom, wow, no and I love you . I believe that Boattie let Irish do his talking .
Yes my cant can purr but she cant meow its very cute especially when i can home from work and she wants feeding or loving she kinda make a sota yelp sound hard to explain really but yh

I wondered about my female cat who has just mated. We have always described her as extremely quiet.. certainly no meow but seeeemms? ! To hear fine. In mating she has been quiet. In call I have called her mumble grumble. The breeder with the male stud has never seen such a quiet mating in all his 20 years !! I am now guessing she is fine in every way except unable to meow.. just funny little noises & purring ... so there we go. She is fortunately an indoor cat with a lare cat run and a fab other 10 month female (spayed) for company.... no worries!!

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