Can cats be mute? I've never heard a single meow or purr from my Jake. Has anyone encountered anything like this? His hearing is OK, and he recognizes his name. But he doesn't make a sound.
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My cat is the same

My new rescue cat is the same. She can squeak sometimes but other than that she is silent. She doesn’t purr either. She just shows up when I get home. Or when I am in the kitchen I will turn around and she is there, just looking at me. I have learned that this is her wanting a treat. She will now come into the room and scratch her scratchy pad really loud so I know she’s there. She is about 2 years old. I have had her since December 9, 2018.

She is not a lap cat either. She will rub on my leg and she likes to play with the feather wand and dive into boxes and slide across the floor. Then when finished she disappears and goes off to sleep, either on my bed or somewhere in the house.. she drinks a lot of water. Like a dog. I have water bowls all over the house so she can drink and if she hears me getting water from the refrigerator door she comes running and will grab at the cup and I have to give her some.

I have an all black female cat that is about 3 and has never Meowed.Its seems to be a black cat thing from the previous messages.

I have a 2.5 year old rag doll. He was a rescue cat from a shelter. He is completely mute as in he never meows. He tries to but only a hiss like sound comes out. He is loving and purrs a lot but just never meows and otherwise healthy.

My one cat is mute. You can barely hear her when she screams at you and it sounds hoarse. LOL she is this way due to being VERY malnutritioned as a kitten. She was so skinny the vet thought she would not survive. She is now our little terrorist and has so much spunk but cannot meow very loud at all, even if you accidentally stand on her tail. The vet thought she might grow out of it but does not seem like it. She is still happy but does battle with chewing crumbles.

I have a kitten . He opens his mouth and moves but no sound. He can purr ,I believe he can here as well. All his siblings can meow.

First time for me and I've had a ton of pets.

My daughter's cat seems to be truly mute. When he was a kitten, he would go through all the motions of mewing but only a breathy sound came out. He now does not even do that. I accidentally stepped on his tail and he didn't make a sound. He can purr, but only faintly. You can feel vibrations but not hear any sound. He is otherwise healthy, but sometimes bites to show displeasure.