i got two baby budgies about a month ago one guy one girl and they absolutly hate me when ever i go for the male he would run away but eventuly he would sit on my finger and where ever he is in the house he'll go back to his cage or if im in a room either he'd fly off my finger and go in a corner and chirp or jump on my shoulder and not come down and when i try and get the blue female out it snaps at me i put my finger close to it and it would run away and when it would get tired and i put my finger close to it it will snap at me.... it gets so mad i just leave it alone and when i come home from school the seem lonlley so i open their cage doors and the fly out. and also my dad cut their wings and i think he messed up cause they arnt growing back Emotion: sad someone please help mehhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emotion: sad
I think your birds are absolutely stressed... I'm not even sure why your dad cut their wings!! Did he say anything about why he did it? if your budgies have been with you for a little period of time so far, I'd give them some time to get used to the new surroundings, ie don't press on them and don't scare them by sticking your fingers into the cage and stuff like that, don't force them to do things they dont want to do... I hope when they're used to the new environment, they'll become more friendly and you could make friends with them!