Hello all,
I have an 11 months old kitten, a mix of Angora and Persian, isn't neutered. Since 3 months old he's been eating Royal Canine food, and the problem with his hair has been present since 6 months old. We thought it was usual shedding and kept on brushing him. But the hair just constantly gets lost (NOT in flocks though). We tried to get rid of fleas and worms, but it didn't help. Do you know what can cause that and if it's normal? In about a month we are going to neuter him but first we'd like to find out the reason of his constant shedding.
My cat sheds constantly all year long because he's longhair. I think it's always a problem with longhair cats. Is yours longhair?
Hi there, anon. It could be an allergy to some food ingredients. It could be a lack of some vitamins and minerals. It could be because of warm weather (the organizm tries to shed off excessive hair) or hormonal changes (since he's still on his way to maturity). There are hundreds of reasons why this can happen...

Is his behaviour the same as usual? If yes, i.e. he is as active and doesn't show any other signs of illness, I'd not worry too much. Try to change his food and see if it helps. But I'd consult a vet just in case.
How about giving him raw quail eggs? Its yolk has a lot of vitamins, and it could be a really good addition to his diet (if it's the problem).
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