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Anyone elses cat do this, or have any ideas why he does this? It seems to be behavioral, right? I mean he checked out perfectly fine! Any replies are appreciated, Thanks.

One of my cats was adopted as a starving kitten, and apparently has anxiety about an empty dish. If I let the dish get empty, he will gorge until he throws up. He's 12 now, and I usually make sure there is at least a little food in the dish, but if it does get empty, he'll binge.
What's worked for me is to try to distract him while he's binging, by talking to him and petting him. That way he slows down some and sometimes realizes he's had enough, before he eats so much that he throws it up.
I can't imagine why your cat leaves the food all day and then binges, though. Does he do this with different foods, or just one you've been using?

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I used to have a cat that did the same thing. Several things took care of all of it. 1) He got wet food only in the AM with dry food to nibble on until the next day. 2) So that he wouldn't inhale the wet food, I placed largish stones in the bowl so that he had to eat around them. It slowed him down. 3) Since he was an indoor cat, part of the morning routine was a dolop of Vaseline that he would lick off my finger. (I've never had a cat that didn't like the stuff.) hope this helps
Ok heres an update. I did a lot of research and chatted with a lot of people. I was still not sure what to do. Last night he started hacking for the first time ever. Not barfing, just hacking something up and swallowing it before I could see what it was. DUH hairballs! I cant BELIEVE the vet didnt even SUGGEST that it could be hairballs, she just sold me a $18 bag of food and suggested I get a "panel" done, which is like $80, telling me it could be a kidney problem and all this crap, scaring me.

Vets can be such A-holes, no offense. Anyway, He's only about nine months old but I learned they can get them that young. It all came together - He hardly poops...hair may be obstructing bowels; He avoids his food then eats it all at once...I still think this is a personality thing for the most part, but I imagine the hairballs causing him to not feel like eating, maybe he even knows that he'll puke it all up as hairballs interfere with digestion, the fact that, unlike cats I've had in the past, I dont notice much hair around the house in fact, hardly any.

I havent noticed him grooming himself excessively, however. Anyway, all this dawned on me as I saw him hacking and coughing. So I bought some Petromalt last night, and I have my fingers crossed that he'll be ok. I also have to start brushing him 3 times a week, which will suck, he will attack me, Ive tried brushing him before. Anyway thanks for everyones input, I'll post on how it all worked out!