My cats about 2 years old now but hes quite a big cat almost the size of a fully grown cat. He was born in my street so hes quite fimiliure with other cats around but there's one cat that bully's all the kittens and cats on my street.Hes a fully grown Ginger Tom cat.I think i know where he lives and i was thinking about going to talk to the owner but i don't know for sure
.I always find them fighting outside and meowing. Last time when they fought, my cat got a bleeding leg off him and came home limping (Hes OK now.)
I'm pretty sure its the other cat that's causing the problem because he comes over to our garden first. One i saw him behind a little kitten(1 year old) that lives next door and i think he was raping her because the little kitten was crying and meowing, so i chased it out my garden.
Most of my neighbors have experienced something like this and its getting us worried and angry.
I would go and talk to the possible owner, and ask if the cat is neutered. Maybe that will calm him down if she agrees to it.
Keep your cat inside where it is safe, will not get hit by a car or attacked by another animal.
Definitely talk to the supposed owner about it, but if it isn't their cat, you could probably set up a no-kill raccoon trap (with the rigged door that closes when an animal goes into the box) with food and tell people to keep their own cats in so you could catch this Tom. Then you could take him somewhere else or get him neutered.