I love taking photos, but my Barsik doesn't like the camera at all. It isn't something new but today he really showed how pissed off he is when I try to photograph him. At first he pretended to be sleeping, he didn't open his eyes whatever sweet name I called him and whatever noise I tried to make (I knew for sure wan't sleeping as he had been awake 5 mins ago and he had seen me with a cam). Then my mom petted him a bit and he kind of woke up. The small amount of pictures I managed to take during this time is in my gallery. In about 7 mins of my persistent attempts to take more and more his portraits he... guess what he did. He hid under a blanket he was previously lying on! Here's the pic:

His pathetic expression when I tried to look under the cover:

After such a desperate act, of course I left him alone. Oh my, I need a cat that loves to show off! Emotion: big smile
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Too funny! All seven of my cats are total hams for the camera. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Emotion: movie
A few days later, when I tried to make more shots:

Emotion: big smile
HaHa....He really looks annoyed !

Pretty cat Emotion: smile
This made me reaelly laugh Ruslana, thanks for sharing. Emotion: big smile
What a character... has he always been so wilful? In any case, a very cute kitty xx
More of the story:

Does anyone know why he hates the cam so much? lol
I have no idea what goes through his head. The only thing I can guess is that he doesn't like the look of it. He may think that it's some sort of device that is going to hurt or attack him.

Maybe try laying the camera down next to him and see what kind of reaction you get. Find a way to get him accustomed to the look and feel of the camera, and he may quit hiding from it...although his hiding does make for really cute photos. Emotion: love

Good luck! [Ye]
I don't think he's afriad of the device itself because he's never showed a single sign of fear. It looks like he just doesn't like being* photographed, like some people tend to avoid it too. Or maybe he doesn't like the big *eyelooking at him, hehe. As soon as he sees it, his look clearly says how pissed off he is. Emotion: giggle For example:

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