Hi all!
Why does my cat interrupt my phone calls? Not that I am bothered about it too much but I am really curious why he does it. Is he jealous?
Hihi cute! My kitty does exactly the same. He always talks to me when I'm on phone or when I think out loud. ^^
So do you think it is jealousy?
Hey Lauren,
I'm not sure but I'd say that your cat isn't jealous, he's just talking to you. He's got no idea what a phone is and that it can "talk" to you too. Emotion: smile
I bet he gets some attention from you when he does it. Emotion: smile My cats love to bother me when I'm reading a book or drawing. They just sit down on the book or paper and know they're going to get attention.
I agree with Omnia, Lauren. Your cat must be thinking that you are talking to him, and thus he responds.

LoL Siam, so your cat likes sitting on a book too when you are reading it? Just like mine! Emotion: big smile It was aproblem when I studied at the uni - he would never allow me to read my notes peacefully, hehe.