What are possible reasons of cat limping? Why would my cat be limping if there are no obvious reasons?.. My cat is a healthy 2 years old male and I noticed him limp a few days ago. He is an indoor cat and has no inherited diseases. What can be wrong with him?
Is everything fine with his claws? Maybe he injuried some of them and this is causing pain?
Hello, Anonymous,

There are many reasons why cats can limp, for instance sprained or strained muscles and ligaments, torn ligaments, broken bones and other types of dislocations, foot or nail injuries, infections and abscesses, tick bites, spider bites, snake bites, various pains, arthritis, back injurie... the list can be really long. Are you sure you cat couldn't have jumped down badly from a high surface?

If you are not sure what caused limping and if your cat is still experiencing it, it's best to take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.
He feels better nnow and there's still no obvious reasons what caused that. Thanks for your response.