Hello fellow animal lovers.. I need you consultation. It's been several days that I have noticed my cat's loss of appetite. She usually came to her food bowl several times a day but now I can scarcely notice her come at least twice. She doesn't seem ill or anything and this reassures me, but I still have some anxiety.
Has enybody ever faced anything like that too? Why can a cat lose its appetite?

Hey Gary,

Reasons why a cat won't eat and lose its appetite can be really various: from low-quality food to an illness. The food can be stale, too cool, or the cat can become too used to a certain flavour and need something else, just like we humans.

Are the bowls clean enough? Are they located in a queit place private enough? Cats may not like much audience when eating, including other pets. I noticed that my own cat eats much less when the weather is too warm, can this be the reason in youe case too? By the way, some plastic bowls can provoke an allergy on the cat lips, and this can also become a reason why it refuses food. Moreover, some metallic bowls can give off electric shocks... so it's better to check this too.

If you are sure it's none of the mentioned probs, maybe it would be better to take your cat to a vet and check it for medical problems.
I experience this with my female cats when it's summer. My persian gets really depressed when she's all furry, and that's why I shave her 2x a year. Once shaved she's happy and hyper and her appetite comes back. But I'm not saying to shave your cat hehe!

Is your cat still drinking normally? Have you changed the food brand lately? How are his bowel movements, maybe he's constipated?

I would definitely go to the vet as Ruslana suggested, as the cat could have worms for example.
Good luck!
Thanks for your replies. It seems I've figured out the problem. It's really been very warm here lately, and my cat is longhair. I tried to massage her with wet hands so that her fur becomes wet and chills her out a bit. I also tried to change the food and water in bowls more often since it gets stale faster in the hot. Voila - the appetite is back. Emotion: smile Thanks, really!