Why does my cat never purr when he is sitting on my lap? Does it mean he doesn't love me? Nor does he knead his paws into me like I've seen many other cats do. Is it something wrong with me or my cat? Can I train him how to purr? He's 3 years old and I treat him like my other male cat. The other one is very affectionate by the way. They are both neutered. My vet couldn't name me any reason of such behaviour... I look forward to your replies.
I don't think there is something wrong with either your cat or you. If he didn't love you, he wouldn't sit on your lap at all. I think your cat simply has such a non-purring character. Are you sure he really doesn't purr though? I knew cats whose purring was sooo quiet that you would hardly distinguish it - it was possible only when silence regained around.
I agree with Omnia - you don't really have to worry. Cats are different just like humans, with their own unique character. Emotion: wink I don't think you can train your cat to purr. Moreover, I think it's needless.
i have 2 cats brothers 4 years old and they never have purred
Yes there are cats that don't purr, don't worry!
My cat doesn't purr either but I know he loves me! He follows me all over the house and he let's me hold him like a baby! He a 4 yr ols male Persian but I too wonder why or maybe he does and I just can't hear it? Either way I love him and he's cool with me! I'm sure your cat loves you too!
My Persian doesn't purr either. It's strage I wonder if it's due to their snout?
My cat only started purring just before she turned one.