I decide to put all of my videos with Sasha in this post, so here you go. Feel free to leave comments. I enjoy a lot to watch funny cat videos !

< edited by mod: since you posted the two other videos as separate threads, they are removed from this post Emotion: wink they can be foundhere and here >
Aww, it's morning here, and... what an ADORABLE morning!! Thanks for posting the vids, chaZ, I loved them. Emotion: love Sasha is so so so soooo sweet!
Hei Ruslana,
Thank you very much, I will upload another videos with Sasha these days Emotion: big smile.
I'll look forward to seeing them! Emotion: big smile By the way, if you want ALL your videos to be accessable on ourvideo page , you have to add 1 video per thread, and it has to be in the 1st post. In other words, all your threads should look like this one . Just a tip. Emotion: wink
Oh by the way, I'm also very eager to hear the story about you and Sasha! How and when you got the cutie etc. Emotion: happy
I didn't know that, thank you for tip !
I didn't do that because I was afraid of getting banned for spam, but if it's ok i'll do that way Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
Well, if your purpose is to make the videos available on the video page, it's not spam, hehe. Right now the system works like that. If it's changed one day, I'll let you know. Emotion: wink
Hey chaZ, thanks for posting Sasha's story but I splitted this thread to put the story in a separate one . So that this thread doesn't go offtopic. Emotion: wink
That's ok Ruslana Emotion: stick out tongue