Everyone knows cats are inquisitive but there's gotta be a line somewhere, right? When I'm at home, Miky keeps an eye on me almost non stop. He hates to be ignored. It's up to the point when he jumps and sits on the microwave and watches me and if I don't look at him he'll meow meow and meow. That's amuzing but jeeez! Emotion: big smile He often follows me around the house and meows and squeeks if I do something he doesnt want me to do and undoubtedly all he wants me to do is to give him attention! I already give him a LOT but this cat seems to have no limit! Anyone else's kitties super clingy too?
Brat, my Siamese is like that, but has gotten much better in old age. Up until the last couple of years he would jump from the floor to my shoulder, and then wrap himself around my neck. Sometimes he wouldn't jump quite hard or high enough, and would bounce off my chest and onto the floor. Then I'd get a dirty look for not catching him, but there was never any warning when he was about to jump. Now that he's getting so much older, he just wants to curl up on a cushion in any sun puddle he can find.
When I close the door to take a shower or, ahem, something else...Lacey has a fit!!! MEOW MEOW RAOW, MOMMYYYYYYYYYY!!! LET ME IN I CAN'T STAND IT!!! LOLOL. It's the truth. Emotion: stick out tongue
This happens with me too!! Emotion: big smile
LOL my Toby follows me everywhere through the house. Guess he just likes to know where i am. When i shower he sits on the bath mat and sometimes licks the water at bottom of shower door. When i knock on the shower door he stops. So he will just sit and wait till i finish. He He, sure glad he can't talk, he may mention the site he sees :=)
LOL at all the stories here!!

Sometimes my cat would try to get in the bathroom too when my dad, mom or I are in there... He's like "Oh no, oh no, he/she there all alone, with water, yes water! It's so dangerous, water can harm my human! Please let me in, I need to be sure everything is all right!" Emotion: big smile

By the way, Janis, how does Miky behave when he's tired after intense playing? Perhaps you could do that more often so that he has a little less energy to follow you everywhere. But overall this behaviour is quite normal for cats, it seems. Emotion: giggle
Well my cat sunny is 7 and he has never followed me around till recently he is really needy and wants a lot of attention and hates it when I am around the other cat who no one is sure on her name so let's just call her Timmy. He thinks I am going to give him away for Timmy who is 2 but I am not.

so to stop him to stalk me I occasionally give him some human food I.e; chicken. It seems to work and if he wants more I just give him some attention and it reasures him.
I like my cat following me it makes me feel like the cat is a loyal test subject.