Everytime I leave the house my dog is freaking out and destroying things. I've really tried everything so far, but nothing is working. Now I have to leave him in a room with no breakable objects. Any ideas or things to try that HAVE WORKED for you..

Hey, we used to have EXACTLY the same problem. My solution isn't really perfect, and perhaps a little primitive but it worked:

Just before we left each time we'd always say "we're coming back soon, don't worry" in the tone associated with that phrase, "the apologetic / aww sounding voice". We stopped doing that, and began to be a little stern (almost being told off, just on the line) - he stopped destroying stuff immediately.
also a great trick we discovered to limit the damage earlier on (before we realised how to make him stop) was to leave decoys around -- stuff like old boxes or plastic bottles that weren't the couch, the wall, the door!