I've had my Havanese for 9 months already. We moved to a new home about 3 weeks ago and since then Richi has been licking its butt constantly! A few times he has jumped straight up from being asleep only to bite his butt all of a sudden. I thought it could be fleas but we do anti flea treatment every month and besides I examined his coat and didn't find any fleas. I also examined his butt and nothing looked swollen or abnormal. I'm really worried, what can it be? We're going to have him neutered soon, right now he's still not.

Emma and Richi
Is he dewormed?
Yes he is. Do you think it can be an allergy? I'm just so lost!
I doubt it's allergy's If she's been de-wormend in the last 6 months then that's probably not it either, it could also be his anal glands which will cause an uncomfortable feeling and cause him to lick the area, it is not always visible to the eye so it's really hard to tell. Anyways you should visit the vet and have him checked doesn't matter what he has if it's allergy's or worms of his anal glands its not something you can treat without a vet and not something you can wait for to pass.